Basic Wastewater Treatment Processes


Physical processes were some of the earliest methods to remove solids from wastewater , usually by passing  wastewater through screens to remove debris and solids. In addition, solids that are heavier than water will settle out from wastewater by gravity. Particles with entrapped air float to the top of water and can also be removed. These physical processes are employed in many modern wastewater treatment facilities today.


In nature, bacteria and other small organism in water consume organic matter in sewage, turning it into new bacterial cells, carbon dioxide and other by-products. The bacterial normally present in water must have oxygen to do their part in breaking down the sewage. In the 1920s, scientists observed that these natural processes could be contained and accelerated in systems to remove organic material from wastewater. With the addition of oxygen to wastewater, masses of microorganisms grew and rapidly metabolized organic pollutants. Any excess microbiological growth could be removed from the wastewater by physical processes.


Chemicals can be used to create changes in pollutants that increase the removal of these new forms by physical processes. Simple chemicals such as alum, lime or iron salt can be added to wastewater to cause certain pollutants such as phosphorus, to floc or bunch together into large, heavier masses which can be removed faster through physical processes. Overt the past 30 years, the chemical industry has developed synthetic inert chemicals know as polymers to further improve the physical separation step in wastewater treatment. Polymers are often used at the later stages of treatment to improve the settling of excess microbiological growth or biosolids.



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