TOC Analyzer Applications

Total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers find applications in different fields, such as oil exploration, potable water purification and cleaning validation.

Oil Exploration

Total organic carbon analysis has relevance in oil exploration. The first TOC analyzers are used for chemical analysis to be carried out on source rock (the rock which contains hydrocarbons or is capable of generating them).

Contaminant Detection

TOC analyzers have an important role to play in the detection of contaminants in drinking water and cooling water. It finds similar applications in water used for the manufacturing of semiconductors and in pharmaceuticals. The water may be analyzed either as an online continuous measurement or a lab-based measurement TOC analyzer.

Potable Water Purification

Potable water purification is the process in which un-chlorinated water is rendered potable (drink-worthy). The application of TOC analyzers to analyze total organic carbon in this area is also of interest in this field.

Cleaning Validation

Cleaning validation is carried out to ensure that cleaning procedures properly remove residue from equipment/facilities used for manufacturing below a predetermined level. This is important because it provides assurance about the quality of products that will be manufactured using the equipment in the future and in prevention of cross-contamination. At present, cleaning validation process is carried out with the help of other methods of analysis such as HPLC or spectrophotometric. The use of TOC analyzers for total organic carbon analysis is a new method of measuring cleaning validation samples. HPLC and spectrophotometric analysis often take a lot of time, and a lot of interferences occur during the analysis. In comparison, most modern TOC analyzers have rapid sample analysis time and can detect up to ppm and ppb. It can also be applied to on-line analysis. Using TOC analyzers, extraneous materials, such as cleaning agents and protein materials can be measured, which is not possible if other methods are used.

Detection of total organic carbon using a TOC analyzer is of importance due to the impact it may have on human health, manufacturing processes and the environment. It is a highly sensitive, non-specific measurement in which all the organic material present in a sample is considered. Therefore, by making use of TOC analyzers, organic chemical discharge to the environment in a manufacturing facility can be regulated.


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